Post Production: Prescription Drug Abuse Documentary

Just back from the first stage of production.  A very special thanks to Phil, Justina, Justin, David and everyone who shared their stories with us.  Prescription pills, when abused, are arguably the most deadly drugs on the market.  They're in our homes and on our streets and today's youths know far more than parents realize about how to find and misuse them for recreational use.  15,000 people die each year from prescription pain medications in the U.S. alone.  That's 42 people a day.  Each one of these deaths is avoidable, senseless and devastating to the loved ones who are left behind.  We can only hope to learn from these tragedies, so we're not condemned to repeat them.

Director: Nico Sabenorio  |  Producer: Melissa Ciampa  |  Production Company: Spittn' Image  |  Client: Partnership at
Releasing: June 2012